Hi! I'm Yvette.


First. A little about me. Your designer! I love the colour blue and enjoy watching sunsets. It is my passion and purpose to live a life of joy and thus bring joy to other people. I also loves having fun and adventures.


I am on a journey, exploring and creating, to become my True-Self. "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

I am blessed with two sons who bring adventure into my life. They remind me of the beauty in life and are such joy to be around.
I grew up in Kenya and moved to the USA, where I got my Bachelor of Architecture degree from New York Institute of Technology.
I worked in architecture for 5 years before I went out on my own and became an entrepreneur.
Leaving an abusive marriage gave me so many realizations. I became self educated, completing several courses like NLP certification, Feng Shui, Art Therapy, certified authentic living coach and so much more. I loves to learn!
I also became a Certified Abuse Recovery Coach (CARC), And Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) and am now a professor teaching others and guiding them to become a CARC.
Having developed a specialty in Trauma, I also educated myself on trauma informed design studying in environmental phycology, active design, experiential design, WELL building standard. 
As a Joyful Interior Space Coach, I help survivors of abuse and other PTSD adversity survivors create healing spaces that accelerate healing. Everything is connected, so I combined space design with coaching.
We can make your environment work for us by using our environment to improve our mental and physical health. This creates an optimal environment that makes the healing work easier.
I provide trauma informed design as a tool to help you reach your goals. Its an addition to the tools a coach uses to help clients reach their goals. 

Consultation approach.


I believe we are self healing individuals. When you fall and bruise yourself your body knows what to do. You don't have to give it instructions. Its the same with mental health.


But if you have been through trauma, your brain gets rewired. So I help you remember how to heal. Its like how you might put an ointment on a bruise to help it heal, but the body does the work of healing. 


Its more widely understood to lean into your body and use neurofeedback, mindfulness techniques, play, yoga as alternative therapies. Its important to ask that question, "What can you learn from your body?" in those types of therapies.


When we collaborate to help you reach your goals, I invite you to ask a similar question, "What can you learn from your environment? What messages are you receiving? How is this affecting you?" 


Millions have been spent on studies to determine the best environments for hospitals, schools, employees, jails, urban design in general. We as designers of the built environment have a better understanding of how it affects your behaviour: your physical and mental health.


But there is no environment that works for everyone. No healing modality that works for everyone. And more so, designing for better health doesn't need to remain a privilege reserved for the powerful and wealthy, who can invest in research.


Through my services, it is available to you. And it is a person centered approach, not a standard set for a specific type of person. We use your data through journaling, observation and activities to custom create your optimal environment.


Is it better to start from the internal? So, you can refine your core self and have a clear goal about the life you truly want to create. What you activate outside of you will also be activated inside of you.


Or do you already have a clear understanding of your core and you want to bring this outward in your relationships, behaviour and environment? You always want to consciously create your environment to reflect your intentions.


Learn more about why I combine design and coaching here: learn more


Say it out loud, "I create my joy." You are the decision maker in your life and your design. "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."