Finance worries

Did you ever feel like you were just 

waiting for the other shoe to drop?

A lot goes through our minds when we try and predict variables

“Do I really need this life insurance”

“Can I invest”

“This bill needs to be paid today”

… Everyone worries about something different. 

I started by needing help

I wanted to create what was financially best for my family. I then made the decision to help other working families that were like me, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Living paycheck to paycheck. 

A Lot has changed since I got started years ago. Today I am at the point where I feel called to help families again, and build a team of agents. 

How can I help you in Finance?

Me working at home

If you'd like to work

You don't need to have experience. Work independently as an agent. We will cover your training and you can earn as you learn. You can grow tremendously in a company that has been around since 1977.

If you'd like services

Financial services are more affordable than you think. Whether you have had a turn of events in your life, or you are looking to create a better life for your family, you can talk to an agent at no cost.

Hear what some people are saying

"We raise money to help support some of our church's initiatives. We also sponsor an organization working in Bolivia that provides education, healthcare, food, and spiritual guidance to give hope back to children and families in poverty. What we love the most about meeting with a new client is having the opportunity to build another relationship, to learn what their goals and dreams are and then to show them how we can help them.That is such a rewarding feeling!" says Sahar.
Sahar Makanvand
Agent in Pasadena, CA
"We only had minimal life insurance offered through Mike's work, and we had a lot of debt. We have a Company behind us and a representative beside us literally every step of the way. And we finally have direction! It is such a good feeling knowing that we are now able to handle whatever life gives us without being buried in the process," says Haley.
Haley Walter
Client in Pleasant Hill, MO
"We love walking into a home and meeting with a new client to show them how we can help them. We especially love helping people find the right kind of life insurance, educating them on what they have and showing them how they can better protect their family with term insurance. It was so rewarding bringing that check over (after a clients loss) and knowing that if that client hadn't met us, the family would be likely struggling financially," Billy enthuses.
Billy Garcia
Agent in Riverside, CA
"Our rep educated us about life insurance. He also discussed with us paying off our student loan debt, working toward our retirement goals through continuing the savings programs we were already contributing to, and referring us to a company that offered the legal protection we needed. We love that our rep simply gave us the facts about our finances, offered solutions and let us make the decisions," says Tiffany
Tiffany Bardee
Client in Dallas, TX