Why become an advocate?

At I Create My JOY, we believe in the power of your True-self. 5% of the payments of a coaching session go towards Help Create JOY because its part of how the founder creates Joy. Its create purpose that gets her up in the morning, balancing what she loves, what she is great at, what cause she believe in and what she is valued or paid for.

You too can use your own power to help others create joy. What are you good at? What do you have time for? You can create your own unique way to help our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide survivors of abuse with furniture and accessories that help them transform their spaces into spaces of joy. They also receive free coaching in design from I create my joy. We believe in Integrative health that addresses the full range of: physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences.

Some Examples

Advocate For JOY

Moving and unpacking

Help Create Joy helps with this costs but we can always use a helping hand.

Advocate For JOY

Assemble furniture

Help assemble furniture or install lighting and other items that require installation.

Advocate For JOY

Sell a product you create

Sell cookies, snacks, e-books, crafts etc. to help raise money.

Advocate For JOY

Donate/shop for items

This is especially useful when there is a need to source repurposed items.

Advocate For JOY

Raffle donated prices

Get local merchants to donate prizes, then sell tickets to win the cool prices.

Advocate For JOY

Service for a donation

With a quota, offer a service and ask for an open ended donation.

Advocate For JOY

Create a fundraising event

Raise funds by charging an entry fee to an event like a music festival or art gallery.

Advocate For JOY

Skip a meal

A group skips their regular lunch or supper, and instead donate those funds.

These are just some examples. Whatever you choose we will support you. We respect and honor the dedication of our members to raise money for the organizations they love, by doing activities they love. Let us know what would work best for you!