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As a Joyful Interior Space Coach, I support you in transforming your space into a joyful environment that brings you into an optimal state and creates a realistic representation of who you are and what you are moving towards.

This will benefit you the most if you have left dysfunction or abuse, are a survivor of childhood abuse or dysfunction, and other PTSD adversity; Healing is a journey, you create the best possible conditions to thrive and heal. I assist you onto the path of your greatest joy. You create your joy.

Your environment is powerful. You can be unknowingly triggered, or you can keep unintentionally falling into habits that draw you out of your optimal state. People often don't realize how much of their resistance is routed in trauma. You can use a wide variety or anchors to draw you to a good state.
Joy is a great focus, to keep you out of a cycle that leaves you feeling depleted. It's NOT ignoring your pain. In creating a space of joy that truly represents you, you accelerate your healing. I guide you on how to use your external environment for your self development. Think of it like turning your entire space into a vision board or "I am statements" of who you are and what you want to move towards. For example:
My Living Room Project

Why get support


You can choose from one-on-one sessions to group sessions, and join our support group to fuel and reinforce your journey.

I invite you to consider joyful Interior space coaching if you have obstacles at various degrees that:

>> Make you not give yourself permission or time, to create joy.

>> keep you hiding who you are to appease people around you.
>> Distorts meaning you give to the people, places and things around you.

>> Has you feeling lost, even in your old place, though you want to finally feel at home.

>> Makes you go through the motions and ignore your feelings.

As a coach I help my clients see that they are an expert on themselves and offer them objective non-judgmental advice that helps them transform their spaces into a place of joy.

I don't just use my training as a coach, I leverage what I have learnt and experienced  as I healed from abuse and as I worked in architecture, to help my clients thrive. I use a trauma-informed approach to help you design.

Through support, my clients are able to accelerate and facilitate healing, shifting from wanting basic requirements, to the next level of self actualization. Its not just a beautiful space. Its a space that you intentionally create to help and empower yourself.

Not only do you work on your inner healing, by creating an internal optimal state, exterior healing intentions you can achieve are:

>> Integrate Memories, Attitude, Beliefs, Values, and Intentions in your space to bring joy.
>> Use Sounds , Aromas, Texture and Sensations to bring joy.
>> Use Light, Space, Color, Shapes, and Artwork to bring joy.
>> Use Nature, Air, Water, and Earth to bring joy.
>> Create a joyful space that aids a healthy lifestyle for your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.
>> Create space that facilitates joyful interactions.

Joy in your environments is a preventive measure. Joy is higher consciousness. 

Healing environment video
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