Why Create Joy?

Joyful Interior Space Coaching for survivors of abuse

I remember the feeling of relief and safety when I finally found shelter from the storm of abuse and dysfunction.

Don’t just stop at finding a place of safety, thrive. Your environment natures your physical and mental healing. Joy creates well-being. A high level of well-being brings you peace, contempt and fulfilment.

Hello and welcome. I am Yvette Oloo, designer and coach

I don’t offer formulas, or special charts. As a Joyful Interior Space coach, I help my clients see that they are an expert on themselves and  offer them objective non-judgmental advice that helps them transform their lives and spaces into a place of joy. At I create my joy we work on the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences. Book a group session at an affordable price or 1 of the 3 one on one session below.



Abuse and dysfunction can really scramble your mind: sort through your sensations to create joy in your space.

$70 session

Shopping list


Got the vision of joy, but have no time to shop? This option is beneficial to get started finding your items.

$125 session

vision board


Can’t quite see how your joyful space will come together? This option gives you a design vision board to help.

$180 session

Click on the chat icon to get on a free 15min call to see if we are the right fit, and to find out more. In traditional design, power is placed in someone else’s hands. You have had power placed in other peoples hand for long enough. You are the decision maker. You don’t have to buy anything to transform your environment. Create what best represents you. Create joy.