Hello Joy intrigued Spirit,


There are spaces we go to/remain in everyday. I like to think we want to make these spaces comfortable.

But even if we do...

These spaces are not just about comfort. They directly or indirectly influence our lives and how we interact with others/the world around us.

How many of us are aware of how these spaces affect our physical and mental health, fitness, and wellbeing… Giving us a full sense of life.


The reality is that it's impossible... Most of it is in the unconscious

I clean, wash and cook every day, so I do my best.

If childcare is added, then we probably do this even more...

These activities are unavoidable even if we find our way around them.

If you work in or out of the home, your activities are even more diverse.

... Put in a lot of effort, then relax outside these spaces. Especially for vacations and holidays.

That's how most of us feel about relaxing, isn't it?

But your spaces are your castle. I haven’t been to a caste but I assume the best is within.

Its not about the value of things in your spaces, but about having what’s best for you within you space.

We spend more time within our space so its preferable to have the best within. We shouldn’t have to search outside.


Your spaces are there just for you. To serve and protect you.


Why don't we make our personal spaces the most relaxing space, in comparison to other outside spaces?

What do you need, to make home feel like that relaxing place you visited?

What if the space we eat, sleep, work and rest becomes a relaxing space that serves us in our self-development?

In the morning, we wake up and somehow we live another day. Even when we have a bad day living happens.


What if you were proactive about reaching your optimal state, woke up feeling the morning sun, changed to create a life where your spaces were not just comfortable but uplifting?


Realistically even if you clean every day, the kitchen will get dirty again.

Perhaps you’ll do the dishwashing while sighing… perhaps you’ll change your mindset.

But its more than changing your mindset. Its proven that there are environmental stressors that affect your mental and/or physical health.

The work of changing our mindset is important, but if you have some goals that are just hard to reach, you know mindset work cultivating self-development can only take you so far.

A space well designed is more likely to help you succeed because it doesn’t just involve the external things in your environment, it influences your subconscious.

Your subconscious is at the root of it all.

Where is your personal development now? And where can you get to?

For me It was a complete change… My state of being was dull, depressing, and I had lost motivation.

What I have now really makes my daily life spontaneous, fun and keeps me motivated at an internal level.

Not only will the stress you're feeling go away, you space will look stunning and reflect who you are!

In reflection to my state of being, I used to have a dull Livingroom. It functioned well. But it was a space that greets people without life.

Yet at my core I saw myself as someone who overflowed with a sense of life: Living a life of adventure and fun.


In reality I just got used to it being that way. I had filled it with what I needed. I didn’t take the time to think about it.

If you notice only the scenery you see every day, and not how it affects you, it will still unknowingly affect you.

But it's okay.

As long as you learn some tips and points, you can change your life. You can live a better life and still enjoy every day activity with scenery that is lovely.

But having said that, I can't imagine why I had such a dull look in my own home, a place where I had free range to choose...

The more I think about it, my life really did change when I found my favourite quote:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


I think most people can't paint a picture of a new future because they see too much of the scenery they have now. They only see what they have ”found” in front of them.

I only really saw what was in front of me at that time. And if I didn’t see what I wanted, I remained searching. To the point I stayed an entire year without a sofa.

Now I have floor cushions that I love and that serve me well. I created what I love.

Its not that I couldn’t create something different. It was that it wasn’t in my tunnel vision to create a life I love.

If you find this is you, stop searching, and create a life you love.

You might find you don't know where to start...

But as a coach I will assist you in clarifying where you are headed towards and provide you with a design consultation.

Most people know that cluttered spaces can create feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Or that the lighting, temperature, sounds, smells, and color palette of an environment are very important to how comfortable, relaxed, and safe you feel, causing anxiety or agitation, and leading you to feel unmotivated.

Others will even realize that the people you share spaces with can be very stressful. And that stress can lead to illness and chronic diseases.

But we also need to realize that in this spaces, isolation and depression can arise from what we value.

That anxiety can be triggered by old feelings resurfacing, due to your environment.

Trauma informed design will especially be useful in helping you make the design choices that accelerate your healing.

The right support is the easiest way to get a comfortable space that really serves you.

It is my passion and purpose to live a life of joy.

But I don’t just invite others to create so they are also on the path of their greatest joy.

Joy is higher consciousness.

You’ll see this on any consciousness scale. Or alternately an emotional guidance scale.

So naturally, I see that living a joyful life is a tool you can use to ascend to a life of fulfilment.

Let's design spaces that improve your life and make you feel joy!


With joy,