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Meet Yvette

International Best-selling Author, Space transformation coach and personal life coach

Hi. I’m Yvette Oloo. Ready to change your life? Great! My job is not to tell you what decisions to make, nor to motivate you or empower you. The last thing you need is someone to depend on.

I can first of all support you in gaining greater self-awareness. Self-awareness precedes all personal growth. I can also assist you with clarifying your goals.

But maybe that’s not where you are at a loss. Some people have all the resources needed to change; they are just missing the strategies.

But even so, realistically, all the self-help books in the world are not helpful without personal responsibility. Responsibility, breeds empowerment.

I learnt this the hard way; no quick fixes from those “how to” books, or “leaders” in personal growth, were going to fix anything till I took full responsibility for what had happened in my life. We all need true-self empowerment.

I was on my way to becoming a New York State Licensed Architect. Studying to take my test after working in the industry for several years. 

I had just got a raise. I was married with two children. My life looked like it was going perfectly from the outside. Even the smile I put on was picturesque.

But the man I was married to was abusive. When I finally put my foot down and left, it felt like everything was falling apart. I was forced to face the reality of my life.

Who am I? What am I doing? I desperately wanted to fix my life and find true happiness. 

Facing yourself when you’re in that kind of state, and everything seems to be falling apart around you is beyond difficult. It was so much easier to blame him and the people around me.

But I had to take the responsibility for my life falling apart. In facing myself I realized that I never took the time to develop who I am. I reacted to my life, rather than being proactive about my life.

I delved into a search of myself and that came to a standstill when I realized “life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

So, I stopped looking outside of myself and now I look within me for my healing and fulfillment — everything else I truly needed. Now, I develop my True-Self, and I help others develop their True-Self.

You do not need all “the things” outside yourself. You just need to look within. Everything you have is within you. Like a seed that grows into a tree, you nurture what is within.

As a creative I decided thinking outside the box wasn’t even an option: so I think like there is no box. That’s why being a Space Transformation coach works for me.

I help survivors of abuse create healing spaces that accelerate healing. It’s not just architecture and design — it’s how we can make your environment work for you, to improve your mental and physical health.

But it wasn’t just helping people. Have you heard there is giving someone a fish, and teaching someone how to fish. When you teach people how to teach people to fish, you can end world hunger.

I mentor others on the path to their certification, guiding them as they do their coursework. That way my work is not just about the people I affect, but the people they go out to affect once they get certified.
It’s like I always say, “You are light.” Your light comes from within and helps you and others see. You learn how to lead yourself.
I truly believe in self-healing. And creating space for people to be their True-Self. I don’t put people in boxes. We are no longer apologizing for being ourselves; for being too much or too little.

What I specialize in

Space Transformation

Money Trauma

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Abuse Recovery

Addiction Recovery

If you couldn't fail,

what are you willing to try?

As long as you are open to humble reflection and introspection, not just being a person people want, you will successfully be the person who comes through in the end. All people have the potential to grow, and are capable of transformation. Which session do you choose to journey to your vision, or move towards the healthy concept of yourself:

1 on 1 Session

Each session is an hour to an hour thirty minutes depending on what’s necessary (*varies by contract. I won’t be watching the clock).


Bundle and Save

Immersive 1 on 1 sessions or group sessions, for when you are ready to commit to that deep dive with daily, weekly or monthly assignments.

  • 4 90-Minute Sessions each for $140
  • 6 90-Minute Sessions each for $130
  • 8 90-Minute Sessions each for $120
  • 11 90-Minute Sessions each for $100
  • Small Focus Group Sessions each for $85
  • Custom Offers (*You may be required to show proof of income to receive discounts)

Low Cost

Want to get started, but unable to make the financial investment? Join our monthly group after a donation of $1 or more per month.


Self-guided learning is the only way we can grow to our fullest potential

I invite you to a discovery call, so we can get to know each other better and determine if we are in alignment as client and coach. Before you get started with me, I’d love your personal growth journey to be a full hearted yes!


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