you have the dream, what's left is to

Create your Money Story

Yes there is a way past your ceiling and the limitations that keep holding you back from growing!  In 6 weeks, learn how to heal your relationship with money so you can create financial safety  and wellbeing.

A program that creates lasting change

   Statistically only 2% of people actually make a  change in their life, when they want better. Does this mean the other 98% just doesn’t care? Not necessarily. A support network with the right conditions does the trick. Otherwise your old habits and conditioning will always overpower even a well put together plan. Here are some highlights that are great about Create Your Money Story.

Not Overwhelming

Gently work through resistance. Tough love is not sustainable over a lifetime. Life happens, so we approach Create Your Money Story with love to create what will grow with us. In small chunks, we create a solid foundation that gives you your own ability to be present and respond flexibly to situations.

Address Underlying Issues

Money mirrors our inner world. A well put together plan has its place but no matter how much money you make some money issues follow you and remain unresolved. Whether your money trauma happened consciously or subconsciously, its time to heal. Its time for money healing!

Trust in Yourself

Relax into the large vision. Forgive yourself: you can do it! Money healing work really helps you get to know yourself better and more intimately. Approach money with clarity and peace of mind. You will approach it with calm even when there is a power differential.

Develop Growth

What happens when you are no longer hesitant to negotiate a salary, ask for a promotion, or as an entrepreneur set prices that reflect your value? Your work; entrepreneurship is self-development. Conscious money work is a deep exploration with many positive benefits.

Trusted by

These are healing tools that are used and offered by therapists, coaches, counsellors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurship program directors, non-profit directors who work with those who have been economically marginalized, financial advisors, mortgage brokers or debt counsellors that look into the phycology of  financial literacy to further serve their clients.

Hi, I'm Yvette Oloo

Author of the #1 International Best-Seller I AM: How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse & Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers , True-Self Development Entrepreneur, Joyful Interior Space Coach, True-Self Coach, and CARC Professor. 

Over the last 3 years I have been guided into a more honest relationship with money and the traumas I experienced.

As a soulprenur and mom of 2 boys, I had to share what deeply touched me and changed my life. I didn't want others to struggle though what I had experienced, and especially do not want my children to repeat my lessons through experiencing money shame.

I have been featured in podcasts and blogs. I now teach others what I have learnt, and invite you to create a different path.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Create Your Money Story.

Dear service providers and entrepreneurs changing lives

How did you get here? At first, things were probably good. You were thankful you took a leap of faith and you connected with people, loved what you did.

But then something unrelenting tagged at you… Why am I not as far as I thought I would be. Maybe I’m just not good at this. I need to work harder to see results.

You ignored it. Maybe got some instant gratification that made you feel like things were not so bad. But you still felt out of alignment. Things felt off.

But some things that get shoved away just get worse. You relationship with money declines, changing your money story. What do you do with the money shame?

You have come to the right place if at all you feel like this is you or that you have been here before:

✔ I can never stick to a budget. I always overspend.

✔ Why did I undercharge?

✔ I have accumulated so much debt. I feel worse than ever when I miss payments.

✔ I have tension/dread when I pay bills.

✔ I have so much self doubt about making it on my own because I depend on family or a partner.

✔  I feel guilty for spending money.

✔ I feel like there are so many strings attached to money.

✔ I feel alienated because of money.

Many of us just weren’t taught how to handle money and if we were, we were not taught how to handle our emotions about money.

Our money relationship affects so much, including our relationship to pleasure, our relationship to  abundance and thriving, our feeling of worthiness and “enoughness”, our self-confidence and so much more.

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What you can expect in the program

   I am excited to share with what has worked for me and/or others.    No one thing works for everyone but the beauty of this is we get to create our own healing and money stories. You will learn through videos, written exercises, group coaching, sharing and witnessing others in our private platform. What’s wonderful is that you will have lifetime access to our community on our private platform. Here is a snapshot of our 6 week program.

Week 1

Here’s what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll take a deep look at your psyche and what is motivating you to make money decisions. What part of your psyche is this?

◾ We’ll start practicing how to use your body sensations like a signal from your inner wisdom. This helps you turn within and connect with this pre-verbal part.

◾We’ll learn what your body has to say about money, and how to ask it questions. This brings you into a place of strength that nurtures and protects you.

◾ We’ll explore your money emotions and take a look at the 90/10 Rule. How much of the emotions you are experiencing are from the past?

◾ Then we’ll clarify your current relationship with money. What can you do to form a healthy relationship with money?

Week 2

Here is what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll define your values and belief systems. Then release the values and belief systems that aren’t yours but curved your money story.

◾ We’ll note how your past is showing up in your present, going all the way back to your childhood.

◾We’ll start releasing your money shame.

◾ We’ll journal and do some art therapy as you start to rewrite your story. What money story do you want to create?

◾ We’ll start developing practices to gain trust in yourself. What gives you a sense of belonging, and a higher sense of belonging?

Week 3

Here’s what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll consciously put the blame where it belongs without shaming others. This will help you have a realistic perception of your money story without building resentment.

◾ We’ll learn how to take advantage of the power of slowing down. This is especially useful when you need to make critical decisions. 

◾ First we’ll redefine forgiveness – what most of us know as forgiveness is far from what forgiveness is. Then we’ll practice self-forgiveness

◾ We’ll learn how to navigate money with others in our life: parents, children, a spouse, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, business partners, however this shows up for you.

◾ We’ll start using tools that bring more compassion into your money relationship. 

Week 4

Here’s what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll grieve the life that you thought you would have. Grieving is an important part of letting go, so we can make room for more and move forward.

◾ We’ll form a gratitude practice. 

◾ We’ll create money practices that align with who you are. The key is to have these be interesting for you and to account for your strengths and weaknesses. 

◾ We’ll let go of perfection. No-one in the world is like you. Your unique in the way you are so your perfect just the way you are.

◾ We’ll learn how to treat money practices as part of your self-care. What do you like to do for self-care? How can we integrate that into your money practices?

Week 5

Here’s what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll Learn how to ground yourself and be present. You are most powerful when you are alert, focused and in the now.

◾ We’ll do some introspection to figure out what is just right for you: Its like Goldilocks, not too much, not too little. And maintain the awareness that these levels change as life happens.

◾ We’ll learn how to stop and celebrate your steps before moving forward. 

◾ We’ll acknowledge your strengths: we all have something we are good at with money.

◾ We’ll learn how to treat money practices as part of your self-care. What do you like to do for self-care? How can we integrate that into your money practices?

Week 6

Here’s what you can expect to do this week:

◾ We’ll learn what your external space has to say about money. What is it telling you? Your environment will affect your behavior.

◾ We’ll take a look at our external environment and determine how we can use it as a tool to create the best possible conditions that help you form new habits, and that helps you “reprogram” yourself. We’ll do some environmental psychology. 

◾ We’ll start to integrate money into our life: its not this separate thing that we deal with at that time of the month!

◾ We’ll map a money story that aligns more with you and your values and have your external environment reflect this.

◾ We’ll take a look at the big picture and start to set up tracking systems that work for you. With all the systems out there there is something that works for you!

Expert Views

These are some experts who absolutely changed my life. I’ve done their work. And they have so much wisdom beyond money stories. I share their words through my experiences. Even if I will always continue to learn, I absolutely believe in ethically teaching what I learn through experience.

Simply put, your “Money Story” is the entirety of your relationship with money. The pain, the joy, and the learning. It is as unique as you are. It includes all of the historical facts of your financial life. The emotional wounds and triumphs. The tough conversations. The beliefs and habits inherited from your parents and lineage, the ways you adopted them, and the ways you rebelled against or even transcended them. It includes your strengths and challenges with money, arising from your unique circumstances, wiring, and personality type. It includes all of the sensations and emotions and bodily reactions that money stirs within you.
Bari Tessler
Financial Therapist
The world has become tremendously less stable because of the money. There is not less money in the system. but there's less credit which means you have less to spend. We all have less spending power now and so, there's more stress. People stay in s*** jobs for longer. They are asked to do more stuff that they wouldn't normally do and they put up with it. People are strung out because of money and status. Money is status as well. So as an animal, if my status in the pack goes down, I'm supposed to feel bad and I'm supposed to compete. I'm not supposed to act like the runt of the litter. I'm supposed to push forward and compete with other people.
Richard Granon
Spartan Life Coach
Heal money blocks that have been growing roots for many years, even as far back as childhood. Most of our money blocks have been taken on unconsciously from the conditioning of our family, friends, religion, and society. Our money emotions, dreams, and thoughts – the powerful energy of our life force – ripples through our reality, leaving impressions, like fingerprints on this world. The first step to money healing is to become aware of those money stories impressions that affect our well-being at this present moment. Tap into your subconscious mind and release these harmful money perceptions that are suppressed and buried alive.
Nan Ross
Energy Healing Teacher

Create Your Money Story

The best advice I was told was that no one was coming to rescue me. I have to rescue myself. This is a step toward learning how to rescue yourself.


Got questions? Maybe I’ve got your answer here:

How long do I have access ?

You have lifetime access to the material. Meaning as long as the program is running, you will be able to go back and look at the material. So you can implement the material at your own pace.

Is this program only for service providers and entrepreneurs ?

No. Its for people people needing money healing from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, of different ages. We welcome single individuals, as well as couples/friends/partners/etc. (Pay the 2X options.)

Can i cancel once I join ?

No. This program is a commitment to yourself. You cannot start paying the weekly plan and then cancel. It is not a weekly/annual membership. And because here money is a conscious practice, we do not give refunds.

What if I cant make the group coaching session ?

We serve people from around the world with different schedules, so we understand that you might not make a session. The sessions will be recorded and posted on our platform. You can request discussions prior to sessions.

Will I be getting investment and tax advice ?

No. I am not an investment advisor nor an accountant and will not be giving investment, legal, or tax advice.

I have more questions, can we speak ?

Yes. Use the chat icon with my profile picture on the bottom left of the screen to conversate.

How the program is structured

I gave you a snapshot of what we will cover every week. But what does this actually look like once you join?

Our program has a 6 week framework although it is also self-paced. You’ll need to determine how much time you want to spend in each section. The material is made available every week for 6 weeks.

During the 6 week period, we cover the 12 sections that influence who you are: guidance, belief, belonging, consciousness, relationships, actualization, expressive, presence, lifestyle. understanding, design, and integrate.

Each week has a specific module that includes 1-3 sections. These modules will cover your physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences. The teachings and exercises are made available in video or written format.

All of this content lives in our private online platform. On Monday, you will get an email letting you know that the new weeks’ material is available in the designated area. You can read about what to expect each week further up on this page.

The email will also have a note with support, encouragement, and next steps to keep you going which are connected to the module of the week.

We do a live, 1-2hr group coaching session each week where you can ask questions, get guidance, and get live, laser coaching from me. These zoom calls are SO wonderful. They’re also recorded, so you can access them even if you can’t make it live.

There’s also our private forum on our platform where our global community hangs out. This is where Create Your Money Story Participants connect with each other and our team to ask questions, get support, celebrate victories, and witness others.

The private platform also has a Resource Library where I will post additional interviews, additional resources, recommended reading, and more. As I grow and learn the information I gain will be available to you.

After your 6 weeks are done, you can also choose to join additional group coaching sessions as an alumnus. This additional sessions are offered at a generous, 50% alumni discount.

So, the course is mostly self-paced, even though there is a very clear outline. You can participate in the community forum on our platform, share and ask questions as much as you need to. Otherwise the platform is also a place to privately engage with the content at your own pace. And, you are always welcome to send in private questions to our team behind the scenes who also help support the community with resources and love. There is a good combination of DIY + support in the community and weekly group coaching sessions.

An empowered clear-hearted YES!

This program isn’t for everyone. No program is. And I am not for everyone either, whether its because of your learning style or for other reasons. I want to be as transparent as possible in helping you decide if its right for you. I encourage you to join my webinar or to watch the replay to help you decide.

create your money story will probably serve you best if:

✔ you’ve realized you needed a change and this is an answer to a prayer you didn’t even realize you had.

✔ Your self motivated even if you meet resistance and get derailed for a time.

✔ You like online learning or are willing to give it a try. Even if its really because you get to stay in your PJ’s.

✔ You like a gentle approach. You can teach a horse to run using a carrot or a stick.

✔ You have tried different approaches that didn’t work. You have been searching for something that works with you rather than against you.

✔  like getting an accountability partner when working out, you just know having a community will help.

This is not for you if you need a quick fix and are not really interested in changing your relationship with money. Some of what we learn takes months to implement. Its a six week framework to help you decide what you want to work on.

I wouldn’t recommend this program if you are looking for daily task or an instructional five steps to do so and so: That is if, you need an external locus of control.


How much does it cost?

There are different payment options available to get you registered for Create Your Money Story. If the option you would like isn’t the tab that is open. please select the options on the other tabs.