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The journey starts when you are dependent.

Perhaps like a leaf on a grand tree.

Feeling like you spread wide, connected, your purpose never questioned. You are a part of something bigger. You have your place.

Then something unexpected happens, you are broken off from the tree by such a great force.

You wander, swooping in the wind, blowing this way and then that.

Swirling around as if in panic. What’s going to happen? The only sure thing is that you can’t go back, you can’t reattach to the tree.

The tree seems to be long gone, out of site.

You try and do the best you can, but what can you do. You’re a leaf. Your mind and soul are so determined and oriented to keeping you alive, setting goals, achieving. You have to go on.

You have to…

But you lay in the dirt, losing hope as time passes by. Not wanting to wither away and shrivel into nothing.

Yes, it’s not really nothing because when shriveled, you receive another purpose and become part of the soil.

Become part of the soil
become part of the soil

But it’s the hardest part to realize and live with, knowing there are some things you can’t control. A leaf. I can’t just go back on the tree or dig myself into the soil and grow my own roots.

So you stay. Hopeless but still hoping.

Then once again you get blown away, just when you were becoming content with moving into your next purpose and becoming one with the soil.

And it’s the spinning again. You spun before, you know it stops, you know what it feels like. But it’s still too much!

Finally it stops.

Now you are not even on the soil. The next purpose you were starting to contend with, being a part of the soil, is no longer an option.

You are on concrete ground. There is nothing to become a part of. There is only becoming nothing.

As all hope begins to fade away, someone picks you up. They still see the life in you. They add you to a pile of leaf cuttings.

Someone picks you up because they still see the life in you
Someone picks you up. They still see the life in you

You look around and all the other leaf cuttings are there intentionally. Sure and strong. Still vibrant. As if knowing their purpose to grow into a grand tree.

As you are carefully planted and lined amongst the other leaf cuttings, hope pours into you. Surging deep from beyond and filling you up completely.

It feels like new life, taking in the sun by the window.

The purpose that was lost has returned, but it’s different: you are not just a part of a tree, your destiny is to sprout a grand tree.

You are here accidentally, unlike the other leaf cuttings. Trauma laying in your wake, having almost given up…

You are a creator.

With the help of the hands that picked you up, you are outside in the soil again, this time different.

Finding appreciation for losing your way.

Because you span into the perfect place to become what you know you were destined to be.

As you continue to take root, and grow, you know there is now so much more ahead of you. So much that was meant to come forth from you.

Who would have thought a leaf?

The Journey
Who would have thought a leaf?

There is now also an added appreciation of the force that lies beyond, of what we cannot control.

You see it more each day as some of the other leaf cuttings you came outside with get devoured by bugs, or for some reason never make it.

So you stand rooted with a new appreciation for that which you cannot control, but move ahead with your life creating that which you can, and getting stronger.

Can you relate to feeling like your life journey is like this or similar? Feel free to comment below. Like or share with others on their journey.

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