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Memories Expressed in Writing.

Yvette’s light.

I am who I am.

You are because you don’t know better. Let me show you the way.

The waves look gentle as they reside
…the waves look so gentle as the water resides…

I’m not looking for better. I choose this because it’s the song my heart sings.

You are brainwashed. Who doesn’t want better? You were forced into this.

The waves rush in. Not Gentle
…the wave rushes in. Not gentle. Not quite turning. Nor reversing…

I stand, planting my feet. I look down at the sand between my toes. I won’t hold. But I see it coming so I try.

I try to say something back but it’s useless. The waves keep coming. Bigger and stronger.

I’ve learnt that the waves are better faced. If I turn my back and try to leave, it takes me down. Catching me unaware. Suddenly, water everywhere. Trying to take away my breath and keep me in silence.

So I stand. The waves crushing my body. My body is worn out…

Will the waves carry me off today? Will the waves lift me and leave me in a strange place? Wondering where I am. Or will it try and keep me, while I hold my head up, knowing I have to stay afloat to live? What will it be today?

Don’t take on an ocean. You can probably handle problematic behavior, but you shouldn’t have to. Even a rock gets eroded by the ocean in time. Stay away from toxic people: the waves that crush you.

The Waves That Crush You will Erode You

Have you encountered any toxic people, narcissists, or any cluster B personality? This is what normal felt like for me. What did it feel like for you? Comment below to share any thoughts. Share my story with someone who needs it, or contact me through any of the ways you can reach me.

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