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I love the colour blue and I enjoy watching sunsets. It is my passion and purpose to live a life of joy and thus bring joy to other people. I also love having fun and adventures.

I am on a journey, exploring and creating, to become my True-Self.

I am blessed with two sons who bring adventure into my life. They remind me of the beauty in life and are such joy to be around.

I worked in architecture for 5 years before I became an entrepreneur. I now focus on entrepreneurial True-Self Development.

After I left an abusive marriage, I realized there was so much I was doing in my life that was contributing to my misery and that was highly unhealthy outside of all the toxicity I put up with --- I finally faced myself.

In facing myself I realized that I never took the time to develop who I am. I reacted to my life rather than being proactive. It was a tough journey. I was fighting to change years of maladaptive behavior.

I delved into a search of myself and that came to a standstill when I realized “life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

So, I stopped looking outside of myself and now I look within me for my healing and fulfillment --- everything else I truly needed. Now, I develop my True-Self, and I help others develop their True-Self.

You do not need all “the things” outside yourself. You just need to look within. Everything you have is within you. Like a seed that grows into a tree, you nurture what is within.

As a creative I decided thinking outside the box wasn’t even an option: I think like there is no box. For instance, I am a - Joyful Interior Space Coach.

I help survivors of abuse create healing spaces that accelerate healing. It's not just trauma informed architecture and design --- it's a combined with coaching: how we can make your environment work for you, to improve your mental and physical health.

Being a professor in ARCS program was invaluable because I can now help people heal AND... they can then help others to heal. I support them in becoming a Certified Abuse/Addiction Recovery Coach. (CARC)

It's like I always say, “You are light.” Your light comes from within and helps you and others see. You learn how to lead yourself. I truly believe in self-healing. And creating space for people to be their True-Self. I don’t put people in boxes.

So, the best way to approach coaching, not just for yourself and others, is to be your True-Self. I will always encourage that in my class and for my clients because it works. 

I am also an International Best Selling Author, working on my next book.

You can find more of my work and story in my multi author book: “I Am: Releasing the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse and Transforming Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers”



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