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Yvettte Oloo, CARC
Trauma Coaching specializing in healing from Abuse, Addictions, and PTSD

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From Surviving to Flourishing


Are you having one of those days again? Or maybe it feels like it never ends... Feeling exhausted from trying to make things work for the better. From trying to do what appears so simple, yet you struggle with it. It could be a habit you are trying to break, feeling overwhelmed with an emotion, struggling to hold healthy boundaries, accessing your intuition, living your purpose, having a strong sense of self, shifting out of depression. etc.

If you feel like support will help you stay on your chosen path then you have come to the right place. When you fall and bruise yourself, your body knows what to do to heal itself. You don't have to tell it. It just heals. Its the same with mental health. We know how to heal. We are self-healing individuals. Trauma rewires our brain, so we just need to collaborate to get you back to self-healing. My healing journey wasn't easy either...


Human Centered Approach
What works for one person, doesn't work for everyone. So I take the time to understand what works for you.



Examine Environmental Influences
Because of my architectural background my skills include examining the external influences that affect you.



Free 30 Minute Consultation
I always offer a free 30 minute consultation to help us figure out if we are the right fit as client and coach.



Sliding  Scale
If you are financially unable to pay my standard fee, I offer a sliding scale fee to make sessions more affordable.


Quotes From Experts


"Most of us adapt the fears of those we love, and recreate what haunts us"

Catherine L. Taylor 


"Every human being has a true genuine authentic self. Healing is the reconnection with it."

Gabore Ma


"Like  learning to swim, do yoga... The only thing that improves your game is actually doing it."

Susan Anderson


$100 Session

Pay for 1 session at a time as you go. This is a great way to get started either with clarifying your goals or redirecting yourself to your goals. Your authentic goals are not too big or too small. Self-transformation is possible for you. This session is ideal if you don't need to meet every week.

$350 for 4 Sessions

4 session weekly for 4 weeks to help you pinpoint your goals and take immediate action. This is a great choice if you are serious about creating a life you love. It is not just to create momentum for momentum's sake. Expect to do tasks daily. Plus bundling helps you save money!