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This Months Story


Please remember to leave a review! This months story was anonymously written and as requested, the names have been changed to protect their identity.

I invite you to share the story and take pics/videos to help inspire others. And when doing so, I encourage you to invite others to get a shirt. Our hashtag is #ShareYourStoryTshirtClub

Please remember to click "You have been heard" at the bottom of the page. Our December story is:

Mary's Start Over



This Months Wallpaper


We would also love to see all the fun ways you use your wallpaper. Please take a pic/video/screenshot and use our hashtag #ShareYourStoryTshirtClub

If it doesn't quite fit you are always welcome to request a screen size. The screen size was an optional request if you used our forms. Our December wallpaper is:

Standard Blossom into who you are
Widescreen Blossom into who you are
Phone Blossom into who you are




For Us Giving Is: Help Inspire, Raise Your Consciousness


We bare witness to others stories and let them know they have been heard. Its not just a shirt, be inspired inspire others, raise your consciousness, and  become a part of creating change and spreading joy! Together we can make a change 💙


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