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T-shirt Subscription club


The Share Your Story T-Shirt Subscription Club is a way to do something for yourself.


Every month we pay our bills and subscriptions we are loyal to. This a great monthly addition to do something for yourself (or someone else) where 100% of the money made goes to helping survivors of abuse. We deliver a new t-shirt, to your door, and Help Create JOY.



What you get every month

The t-shirt you receive every month is a surprise. I give you little sneak peeks and teasers throughout the month, but the design remains a mystery!
You may expect to receive:
+ A t-shirt in the mail with an excerpt of the story
+ A digital story to read 
+ A wallpaper for your computer background
+ A wallpaper for your phone background
Read more about this here: about
One time gifts
T-shirt subscription club


Its more than just a t-shirt

What I know about my subscribers is that its not just about spreading awareness by sharing the stories, helping survivors or having a nice exclusive shirt...  Its about taking the time to grow in character and lead a more purposeful life! 


Yes the experience of gifting yourself and the fulfilment from helping others can be a drive, but the feeling of nurturing yourself and raising your consciousness is what its about!!



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