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 September 6 2021


Do you want to thrive and find purpose but haven't been able to create your path through self-help or professional assistance?


You've pushed yourself into fitting something because it had to work...


In my new program, you can truly thrive by creating or recreating who you are, building your True-Self experientially. 

The True-Self Experience is a program designed to support you in being your True-Self.  You receive:

πŸ’™ A 14 week course: Detailed training on the 12 sections of your True-Self.

πŸ’™ Weekly live group coaching.

πŸ’™ Real life assignments.

πŸ’™ Fun contests, giveaways, challenges.

πŸ’™ Access to an engaged and uplifting community.



                    🎁 Free 4 monthly 1-1 sessions

                    🎁 Free journal with prompts


All these will help you gain clarity on who you are so you can have autonomy and start thriving.

Suppressing yourself leads to feelings of depression, luck of self esteem, self betrayal, self hatred, addictions, destructive relationships etc.


There is so much it contributes to, even affecting your physical health. What would you give to live a life of ease, if you were guaranteed to receive it just by being yourself?

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