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Why is change so difficult? What did you struggle to change?

Have you wondered why is change so difficult? In this article I will be expressing my view in reference to the transtheoretical model of behavior change. Most people have something they want to change about the way they earn an income, so i’m expressing my view in regards to the transition when starting an online business.

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There are 5 stages of change we can clearly define when we are experiencing change. We need to understand these first; these stages are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance. Then, we will look the 10 processes that help us change.


Precontemplation is the first stage. In this stage you probably aren’t even thinking of changing. For example, in my situation I hated not being able to control my schedule; I felt underpaid; I felt undervalued; I worked so far from home; I had a long list!

But my pros were exaggerated, and I minimized the cons. So, I made excuses for why I had to keep my job. What do you want to change about the way you earn money? Are you still making excuses or are you in the later stages?

I have found that telling someone about an opportunity when they are in this stage is as good as screaming in the wind. It’s an exercise in frustration and you wont just be wondering why change is so difficult, you will think its impossible for this person to change.

an exercise in frustration
It’s an exercise in frustration


Contemplation is the second stage. When you move into this stage, there isn’t so much denial anymore. You see your pros and cons realistically and you start to want better.

The list of pros and cons start to look similar and so your mind shifts. You want to create a life you love! In my situation I finally decided I needed a new job.


Preparation is the third stage. In this stage you start to gather information: research. How do I start a business? Where do I apply for a job? Who is hiring? Or if you just want to change something about your current business you are figuring out what it would take.

When I moved into this stage I was ready for anything. I was somewhere between its time to start a business and I just need a new job.

When you are in this stage you are now open to listening to opportunities. You have a list of what you want your new job or business to look like. You craft your vision.


Action is the fourth stage. In this stage you start the new job, start a business, apply the technology you need to improve an existing business. You are finally doing what you want to do to improve your life.

You are finally doing what you want to do to improve your life.
You are finally doing what you want to do to improve your life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t make it to the fifth stage. I am not talking about those people who hate their job or business, but forever remain in the precontemplation stage. These people might even get into the preparation stage, but they don’t actually take action.

The unfortunate situation I am talking about is when the action doesn’t work out for whatever reason. For instance, in my situation, the job I ended up with turned out to be a toxic work environment. I discus why I left that job here.

What I call the yoyo

The people who really want to change, go back and forth between the first 4 stages. You realize something isn’t working, you reevaluate and create a new list of what you are really looking for, then you go for it.

Keep tuning to get that life you love and listen to your gut. You have to stay in the action stage for at least 6 months to be sure it’s really working. And if its not, re-evaluate. It might be a small tweak or a huge jump, but either way you restart.

It took me a year to finally leave that toxic job, so I had a long list of what I was looking for when I left. I share part of my list here. I later stumbled into online business entrepreneurship, but it ended up delivering more than what I had on my list.

I later stumbled into online business entrepreneurship, but it ended up delivering more than what I had on my list.
I later stumbled into online business entrepreneurship, but it ended up delivering more than what I had on my list.


Maintenance is the fifth stage. It can take a long time to reach this stage because of what I call the yoyo. You could have reevaluated because the job wasn’t as fulfilling as you thought it could be, it could be because you were not making enough money, or not spending enough time with your family, any reason.

But once the yoyo stops, you are finally in flow and you know. You know its how you want to earn money. And you have been in the action stage for at least 6 months. That why is change so difficult. The tuning is absolutely worth it.

In all fairness, don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t reach this stage. Situations change, we grow and mature. So, make changes as needed. Don’t be afraid to start over.

What you need to get to maintenance

I started my online business by clicking a link, similar to the one I share, when I was still contemplating. So, I thought it would be good to use the business as an example to explain the 10 processes that will get you to action and maintenance. These apply to anything you want to change:

  1. Getting information to raise your awareness. The business education and support provide information, starting with step by step processes of how to run an online business to vast information like how to meditate.
  2. Pay attention to your feelings. The business support and education encourage you to focus on creating your business how YOU want it in line with your personality. There are also several opportunities to inspire others or to be inspired.
  3. Re-evaluate the effects of others. The business education and support inspire you to listen in or join live video calls. Facebook groups and meetups are also available, to help you get more like-minded people. (like whom you want to be)
  4. Re-evaluate yourself. The business support and education include taking the time to write your ideal day and motivate you to visualize yourself in that situation.
  5. Notice public support. The business support and education are happy when you are doing well and encourage you to share even the small moments within the community.
  6. Make a commitment. In the business education and support, you have goals you set for yourself, or guides you can follow to stay on track.
  7. Substitute the old for the new. This type of online business is flexible. So, not only can you do it part time, you can replace it with your current source of income. You do what works for you.
  8. Get Support. With such a vast community of people all around the world, it’s easy to find people who are supportive and who know what you are going through. You can even get an accountability partner.
  9. Reward the positive. Not everyone reaches certain goals, so there are rewards.
  10. Manage your environment. There are cues and reminders from the business support and education to help your progress.
Why change is so difficult
Why change is so difficult

Why is change so difficult

I never had all these 10 processes to help me get to action or maintenance before. Its still a struggle because I have to reevaluate certain things. But the business education and support certainly helped me move into action and maintenance faster.

If you need to make a change, especially if its major, I encourage you to use the 10 processes. If you are like me, felt like a robot, didn’t see much of my kids, hobbies and fun were nonexistent: shed light on how an online business could work for you. You never know what it will deliver on your list.

What stage do you think you are in? What did you struggle with or are you struggling with the most? What was the biggest thing that helped you move into action and maintenance? Comment below. Please like and share with someone who needs this information.

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