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See the image

See the power in yourself. It helps to visualize what your power looks like so you can truly live your life as it was intended. Not a power over other people but the power we all have that was given to us the moment we came into existence. A lot had to happen exactly as it did to bring you to who you uniquely are today.

Feel your truth

What does your authentic power look like? What does it feel like to be heightened? Take out a pen and paper and write what it feels like to be truly heightened verses what it feels like to be in your ego.

You can also download this worksheet with an example. What does it feel like with all your senses to be in these spaces? You will see the difference because the ego seeks to divide and separate. You will feel unity and healing when you are harnessing your inner power.

Why light?

There is power in light. It resonates with my true self. When I see myself as light I feel that I am in alignment with my true self.

The image; sitting at a fire in the dark of the night… Watching its flames crackle. The flame’s movement is almost mesmerizing. The warmth is comforting. It helps me see. The light in my home…  Cool to the touch, yet burning so bright. No smell. The smell of wood or wax burning. The smell of food cooking what will nourish my body. Light reflecting on a calm ocean as the sun rises and sets.

There are so many visuals of light I can look to, to lift me into my presence.

Your presence

Your presence is your power. It will look different for you. Maybe its water. Maybe its wind. Maybe it’s a flower or an animal. The important thing is that you can visualize your inner power and harness it.

What is the image of your power
Your Authentic Power

So when I say spark my light, you can use your own visual to bring this closer to who you authentically are. What does your inner power look like? Is it an imagined super hero? Is it an element? Feel free to comment below on what your inner power looks like and how you substitute “Spark Your Light and Let it Shine Through.”

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  1. Makena
    August 2, 2019

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    I felt so peaceful and in a meditative space reading this. Water is my inner calm. Reading this created a feeling of calm peaceful relaxation in and by water

  2. Yvette
    August 2, 2019

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    I like that power! Water!! Very purifying. How about “let the water well up and flow through you” I see this image like you are water rising above an endless stream, no form, just moving and changing as you soar, peaceful and wise beyond the earth.

  3. M. Songa
    August 7, 2019

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    This is awesome Yvette. A refreshing read and a reminder that even when we lose ourselves, we can still search , find, and come out stronger.

    • Yvette's light
      August 7, 2019

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      Yes! Its a journey. Our experiences should draw us closer to ourselves and make our power stronger. No matter how far we stray!

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